The World's Fastest and Easiest Way to Learn!

Proven by more than three million individuals
worldwide with unprecedented success!

The Dean Vaughn Total Retention System™

These dramatically effective teaching aids have revolutionized the teaching and learning of every subject to which they have been applied. They have been used by more than three million individuals in over 13,000 academic and business institutions throughout the world. Remarkably, more than half of all participants achieve 100% retention of the respective subjects!

Learn and remember these subjects at least 90% faster!

The Vaughn Cube™ for Multiplication

Learn the facts
in less than 6 hours!

A Revolutionary Breakthrough
in Mathematics Education!


SAT Vocabulary

A Word a Minute!

Achieve higher SAT
verbal scores!

Learn 300 Latin & Greek Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes and 300
high-frequency SAT Words.

The Vaughn Cube™
for Music Theory DVD

Learn to determine 1000's of facts in less than seven hours!

Teaches the musical keys, scales, interval and chord spelling, chord progressions and modes using a powerful memory system as a
dynamic musical calculator.

The Vaughn Cube™ for
Geometry Formulas DVD

Teaches 60 plane
and solid geometry
formulas in less than
90 minutes!


The Vaughn Cube™ for World Geography DVD

Learn and remember the name and location of every country in
the world, with or without a map, in less than six hours!


Instant Spanish
A Conversational Course

The World's Fastest and Easiest Method to Learn Conversational Spanish!

Book and Audio CD Format

How to Master the Art of Public Speaking

Quickly and easily develop the ability to confidently speak
in public without notes!


How to Remember Anything

The world's leading author of applied memory courses teaches you step by step the methods to build a powerful memory.

Published by St. Martin's Press

How to Learn and Remember
the Periodic Table

The fastest, easiest, and most effective method to learn and remember the Periodic Table.

How to Learn and Remember
the Books of the Bible

The Vaughn Cube methodology makes it possible to quickly learn the books of the Bible sequentially and randomly.


The Read-it Robot™ DVD

This animated video teaches the alphabet names and sounds sequentially and randomly.

1000 Spanish
Vocabulary Words

Learn Spanish
vocabulary (only) at the remarkable rate of
one new word per minute!

(See the full
Instant Spanish conversational course above)

How to Tell Time DVD

This DVD video teaching aid teaches how to tell time on an analogue clock in less than two hours.



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