About Dean Vaughn


Dean Vaughn is a living testimony to the advantages of using his Total Retention System®.  He is now the world’s leading author of applied memory techniques for education and business, having applied his proven system to a wide range of subjects, from elementary mathematics to the field of medicine.  He has revolutionized the teaching of every subject to which he has applied his Total Retention System®.  His courses have been used by millions of individuals in more than 10,000 academic and business institutions world-wide.

His interest in memory began near the North Pole while working at the Ballistic Missile Early Warning System at Thule, Greenland.  It was there that he began the self-study of psychology that led him to an insatiable interest in human memory.  He traced memory systems to ancient times and began to create and test his own methods on his fellow workers.  He discovered that his methods could be applied to a wide range of needs in the modern age of information explosion.  After 18 months in Greenland, Vaughn returned home to Pennsylvania, eager to demonstrate the power of his memory system in a large company.  Through an employment agency he began work at Pennsylvania Blue Shield in an entry level position.  Just 6 ½ years later, at age 31, Vaughn had advanced through seven promotions to become the youngest Vice President of the largest Blue Shield Plan in the nation.  Shortly after, he resigned the security of his new position and began to teach others the secrets of his Total Retention System®. Dean (or “Vaughn”) lives with his wife, Connie, in Hershey, Pennsylvania.