If you’ve taught medical terminology, you know it’s one of the most difficult subjects to teach. The complicated content is hard to convey to students in a compelling way that actually sticks. Many students have a hard time retaining the information, and that’s evident in poor tests scores.

The Dean Vaughn Total Retention System™ is a revolutionary approach to learning designed to help maximize memory retention for students and professionals.

With Dean Vaughn Medical Terminology 350, students will:

  • Learn and remember the meanings of 350 prefixes, roots and suffixes that combine to form over 11,000 medical terms in as little as 14 hours!
  • Learn without taking notes, without doing homework, without the monotony of time-consuming repetition, and without and prior knowledge of Medical Terminology.
  • Learn a proven system of applied memory techniques to achieve exceptionally high retention rates—an exclusive system validated in over 35 years of testing and use.

During the initial presentation done by Dean Vaughn in my classroom, I saw in the faces of my students success. Students who struggled with remembering were remembering. They were enjoying learning. After 5 years, I still see success in my students’ faces and they still enjoy learning the elements. They are able to grasp medical terminology and remember. The workbook is a great way to reinforce what was learned as well as introduce students to actual medical words. I will continue to use the Dean Vaughn Total Retention System Medical Terminology 350 in my classes to introduce medical terminology.

Sue Lynch - Lead Teacher, Health Careers Program
JP Keefe Technical School, Framingham, MA


What you get

Modular in design, the program provides the flexibility to teach lessons independently. In fact, you don’t need any prior knowledge of Medical Terminology in order to effectively teach students using the Dean Vaughn System! You’ll receive a 14-lesson course of unique video instruction along with 20 student Learning Guides—an interactive workbook that students use to practice what they learn in the videos. If you have more than 20 students, you can easily add on extra Learning Guides. The Instructor’s Guide provides you all you need to know about scheduling and conducting classes using the videos and Learning Guide.


I use the Dean Vaughn system in my classroom for medical terminology and my students absolutely "rock it" with this system!! It is so rewarding to meet students after they have taken this course and enroll in college that say 'The Dean Vaughn Medical Terminology has helped me so much and I have such an advantage because of that course!!' I absolutely LOVE using this system and can't imagine teaching the course without it! I only wish I had known about this system when I was a nursing student!

Karen Compton RN - Health Science Instructor
Green County Area Technology Center

Using career and technical education grants, like the Perkin’s Grant, schools can provide this invaluable memory retention product for their students easily and affordably. To order Dean Vaughn Medical Terminology for your students, contact Robert Maddestra at 201-267-9352 or robert.maddestra@petersons.com