Educators have called The Dean Vaughn Total Retention System, “… one of the most significant breakthroughs in the history of formal education.”  We believe this unique and dramatically effective learning system will spearhead a learning revolution throughout America and the world.  Don't just take our word for it - see what the customers are saying:

"We started a biotechnology/medical technology class at our high school. I have been teaching chemistry and biology for over 20 years. I worked as a medical technologist for 14 years prior to teaching, so I thought this would be a good program for our students (since I have some background in medicine). I talked to my sister about the program, because she worked in medical records at a local hospital for 28 years, and I wanted to get her ideas on how to present medical terminology to the students in an effective way. She told me about the Dean Vaughn program she took almost 30 years ago. So now I had my start. I truly wished I had taken this program before I became a medical technologist. It should be required of all going into the medical field. We are one of the first schools doing the online version and I can tell you it keeps students interested and motivated as they learn the meaning of 350 medical terms. It is proving its worth because now we are focusing on human systems and medical conditions and illnesses associated with them. Without a doubt, Dean Vaughn Medical Terminology 350 has given my students a better understanding of the medical field."

Joe Hizny
Secondary Faculty
Northwest Area High School, Shickshinny, PA

"Usually multiplication is presented to students mid-year in third grade. Dean introduced the concept in the morning, then in the afternoon continued. The following day more information was presented to the students. In six hours, the students learned the multiplication tables and could multiply with extraordinary accuracy"

Judy Coker
Second Grade Teacher
Tillman Elementary School

"I have been teaching for 13 years, and have never had a class achieve an average of straight "A's" in multiplication until now! I have the Vaughn Cube to thank for that success.  It is fast, fun, and easy for both students and teachers."

Julie Horn
Third Grade Teacher
Perry Elementary School

When I was in High School 1986-1988, I was fortunate that my school offered a Health Occupations Course.  We would complete that course with our CNA certification ready to go out and get a job in the medical field.  My teacher used the Dean Vaughn Medical Terminology 350 system.  I remember being surprised the first time we watched it because the pictures were funny and cute instead of your normal boring high school material.  To this day, I still remember "Oh Tommy" and "Oh Stop Tommy" when I try to think of "otomy" or "ostomy".  I don't remember all of the reference cues because eventually I stopped needing to think that way and the knowledge just stayed with me.

Almost 20 years later when I sat for my CPC exam, medical terminology is how I passed the exam.  If not for the Dean Vaughn System in high school teaching me terminology and making it stick, I would not have passed.

A few years ago I tried finding the program to use for my daughter. I can tell you there is nothing even close to this system out there. I know now this system  is strictly for the school system but I can't wait for it to be available to the individual.

Dana Reece CPC, CPC-P
Vice President of the Tampa Bay Professional Coders

"Typically, our first grade students are introduced to the addition facts to eight in October and November (to ten in December). This school year you introduced your system of addition to my first grade class in September.

As of December, my students were completing math "tests" of addition facts through eighteen with an overall accuracy rate of greater than 95%."

Paulette Stratico
First Grade Teacher
Grandview Elementary School

"It was such a pleasure to meet Mr. Dean Vaughn in person today at HOSA National Leadership conference 2015!!  I use the Dean Vaughn system in my classroom for medical terminology and my students absolutely "rock-it" with this system!!  It is so rewarding to meet students after they have taken this course and enroll in college that  say 'The Dean Vaughn Medical Terminology has helped me so much and I have such an advantage because of that course!!'  I absolutely LOVE using this system and can't imagine teaching the course without it!  I only wish I had known about this system when I was a nursing student!"

Karen Compton RN
Health Science Instructor
Green County Area Technology Center

“Before Dean Vaughn I was a total layman, without any medical terminology training. I took the pre-test and performed terribly!  After using the Dean Vaughn Medical Terminology 350 system I took the post exam and scored 100%!”

Harvey Lou Johnson
Risk Adjustment Coding Auditor
Transatlantic Healthcare, LLC

"During the initial presentation done by Dean Vaughn in my classroom,  I saw in the faces of my students success. Students who struggled with remembering were remembering.  They were enjoying learning. After 5 years, I still see success in my students faces and they still enjoy learning the elements.  They are able to grasp medical terminology and remember .  The workbook is a great way to reinforce what was learned as well as introduce students to actual medical words.  I will continue to use the Dean Vaughn Total Retention System Medical Terminology 350 in my classes to introduce medical terminology."

Sue Lynch
Lead Teacher, Health Careers Program
JP Keefe Technical School, Framingham, MA