The Vaughn Cube™ for Multiplication



The Vaughn Cube™ for Multiplication is a complete program that includes a 2.5-hour DVD video, computer software for skill development and testing, and computer files for all the printable desktop panels and activities.  In approximately six hours (including video and practice) your child can answer the 100 multiplication facts.  With this proven method, students do not have to memorize the multiplication table by continuous repetition.  Instead, they use their natural ability to remember what they see and where they see it.  Students can easily learn the multiplication facts as early as second grade allowing them to enter third grade confident in their multiplication skills.

Give your child the advantage of using the fastest, easiest, and most enjoyable way to learn the multiplication facts.  It will pay dividends for a lifetime.

The Vaughn Cube™ for Multiplication program has been hailed as:

"The most significant breakthrough in the history of elementary mathematics education!"
Russel M. Sutton, Division Chief,
Bureau of Teacher Preparation and Certification
Pennsylvania Department of Education, Retired

To see how this proven, innovative system works, click here for a short video demo of the Vaughn Cube for Multiplication™.  Then, ORDER YOURS TODAY!

*The DVD video requires a device capable of playing a DVD video disk. The Practice Software requires MAC OS X or Windows XP, 7, 8.x, 10 to run Adobe Flash content. Your browser must have Flash installed to run practice software.

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