The Vaughn Cube™ for Music Theory



In one of the most significant breakthroughs in the history of teaching the fundamentals of music theory, The Vaughn Cube™ for Music Theory teaches more than 3,000 discreet facts of music theory in less than seven hours.  Designed both for beginners and experienced musicians, this course is a must for instrumentalists, vocalists, and music theory students.  The Vaughn Cube™ for Music Theory will provide an extraordinary foundation for the study and appreciation of music in a matter of hours.  It will pay dividends to the user for a lifetime!

This music course contains four hours of video instruction (available on DVD) and a workbook.

Upon completing this course you will be able to:

  • Identify and interpret key signatures, including knowing what notes are sharp and flat for every major and minor key
  • Identify relative major and minor keys
  • Spell intervals (up or down) from any note
  • Spell the scales of every major and minor key
  • Spell major, minor, diminished, and augmented triads (3 note chords) for every note
  • Spell major, dominant, minor, half-diminished, and diminished 7th chords for every note
  • Work with chord progressions
Following are samples of some of the more than 3,000 questions you will be able to answer upon completion of this course:
  • What note is a Major 3rd down from C?
  • What is the relative minor key of B Major? 
  • Name and spell the diatonic triad chords for each scale position of the harmonic minor scale in the key of A minor?
  • Name the flats in the key of Db Major
  • What note is the submediant in the key of G minor?
  • Spell the Bb Major Scale
  • Spell a major triad with F# as the root
  • Name the diatonic chords that go with the “2-5-1” chord progression for the key of A Major, AND spell the chords
  • Spell the order of the second inversion for the chord of D Major
  • How do you change a Major chord to a minor chord?
  • What is the relative Major of F minor?
  • What are the intervals (in order) that make up a half-diminished 7th chord? 
  • How many flats are there in Ab Major?
  • What is the spelling of a C Dominant 7th chord?
  • How many sharps are there in the key of E Major?
  • What note is a major 6th up from Eb?
  • Spell the scale for A minor

If you read music, play an instrument by ear, or sing, in less than seven hours you will know more of the fundamentals of music theory than most individuals learn in years of study by traditional methods of instruction.

*The DVD video requires a device capable of playing a DVD video disk.

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